Who can become member

Any individual, or Firm, or Company or body corporate, connected with any aspect related to Sugar and Allied Industry can apply for the membership of the association in a prescribed format and submit the same to Executive Secretary of DSTA. The Executive Council of DSTA will consider such applications and pass an appropriate resolution and formally intimate the applicant accordingly.

Individual Member

Individual members shall be a graduate or a diploma holder or such other qualification relevant to objects of the association or a Sugar Cane growing farmer and associated with Sugar or allied industry or with any research or educational institute and interested to become a member, shall be eligible for applying for Membership of the Association in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fees. The applicant shall be recognized as member from the date of Executive Council meeting in which his/her/its membership is approved by a resolution by the Executive Council.

Membership Benefits for an Individual Member

Enhancing the knowledge base by interacting with other members of DSTA, many of whom are highly qualified and have held various senior Positions in Academia and/or Industry.

Facility to participate in Technical committee meetings held every alternate month with focus Technical deliberations amongst various experts on contemporary Technical subjects.

Share or learn on a premier Industry Platform by getting exposure by way of interaction with Industry Leaders and /Or domain experts on .Best Practices and/or latest Technologies and/or innovations worldwide.

Opportunity to get latest information pertaining to Indian and global trends on various important news and development through online DSTA Newsletter.

Networking opportunity with who and who of Sugar and Allied Industry.

Opportunity to meet policy makers/Decision makers/ Opinion Makers for developing contact to explore business development.

Free Access to well-equipped technical Library containing large collection of reference books and Technical proceedings.

Opportunity to attend DSTA conventions and seminars and symposiums at a concessional delegate fee.

A copy of DSTA Annual Convention Free of Cost to Member

Opportunity to be on the panel of DSTA Pool of Technical Advisors

To Contest Elections held every three years to the Executive Council Membership and various other office bearers of DSTA

Companion Member

Any firm or corporate body engaged in any work connected with sugar & allied industries or any research or educational institute carrying out educational or research work connected with sugar industry can be a member of DSTA.

Such corporate body or Institution can apply in the prescribed form and shall be admitted as member on approval of the Executive Council he/it shall be recognized as a Member of the Association. The applicant shall be recognized as member from the date of Executive Council in which his/her/its membership is approved by Executive Council

Membership Benefits for a Companion Member

Visits at concessional rates DSTA Team of highly experienced and qualified Agriculture Experts, Engineering experts and Process /Manufacturing Experts to your Factory to study and advice on best practices to be followed.

Guiding/Training and Monitoring the Cane growers in the vicinity of your Sugar factory for enhanced yield and quality of Sugar cane with optimum use of water

All other benefits as are applicable to an individual members shall be also applicable to your one authorised representative

Life Time Companion Member

Eligibility for Life Time Companion Membership

  • Any firm or corporate body or Educational or Research Institute or an industry Association or a Government Body and engaged in any work connected with sugar & allied industries shall be eligible to be accepted as Companion Member by the Executive Council of the Association and, shall be admitted to the Association as Companion Member on applying for membership in the prescribed form along payment of prescribed fees.

Category of Membership and Fees

Category of Membership Fees Payable in Indian Rupees ( For those Who are Currently not a member of DSTA in any category. (Those Who are Currently existing members in any category are requested to Contact Executive secretary DSTA for Fee Structure)
Entrance Fee One Time Lumsupm fee Yearly Subscription Total fee at the time of Joining
Life Time Companion Member
3,000 1,00,000 Nil 1,03,000
Patron Member
3,000 25,000 Nil 28,000
Fellow Member
10,000 Qualifying Conditions as stated in Memorandum of Association Apply Qualifying Conditions as stated in Memorandum of Association Apply 10,000
New Life Member
300 5,000 Nil 8,000
Associate Member
300 N/A 500 800
Student Member
150 N/A 100 250

Patron Member (PM-DSTA)

Eligibility for Patron Membership

Any person of status and standing engaged in or connected with objects of the Association as described under Article 3.0.0 above and engaged in any of the following activities connected with Sugar and allied Industry;

  • 1. Management
  • 2. Manufacture
  • 3. Academic activity connected with Sugar and allied Industry
  • 4. Distribution of sugar and/or in any of its by-products
  • 5. Large-scale cultivation of sugar cane
  • 6. Organization of research on any problem arising from (a) or (b) above
  • 7. Management, manufacture or distribution of machinery and /or equipment
  • 8. Currently employed or having served in any capacity for any of above

Shall be eligible for applying and/or being invited by the Executive Council to become a Patron Member of the Association. Patron Members shall have rights and privileges of the association as a member during his life- time.

Fellow Member( FM-DSTA )

A Fellow Member is admitted by invitation only by the Executive Council of DSTA based on recommendation of Governing Council.

General criteria are as follows

  • 1. The person is an existing Life Member of the Association and in the opinion of the Governing Council is of eminent in nature, which has rendered a dedicated and involved contribution to the any branch of Sugar and allied Industry in an exceptional manner.
  • 2. Such a person has held a very senior position in Government or academics or Research Institute or Agriculture University or Sugar factory or any other allied industry
  • 3. While a DSTA Life membership for at least 20 years is desirable, but this can be fully or partially waived in case of exceptionally qualified persons, who in the opinion of Governing Council have done exceptional contribution to Sugar & Allied Industry and in the opinion of Executive Council of DSTA, it is an honour and privilege to invite such person to be a fellow Member of DSTA.
  • 4. On being invited by the Executive Council, the fellow member shall submit a letter addressed to President –DSTA, in the prescribed format along with one time lump-sum fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rs. Ten Thousand Only) At any point of time there shall not be more than 20 Fellow members and of this Twenty there shall not be more than five members belonging to same discipline or branch of sugar or allied Industry.
  • 5. A new fellow member can only be admitted in the event of demise or resignation of an Existing Fellow Member.
  • 6. The Executive Council has the sole discretion to accept or decline any or all applications to "Fellow Membership
  • 7. Any addition to the limit of 20 nos of Fellow members can only be through a resolutionpassed in the AGM of DSTA.

Life member (LM-DSTA)

Any person who is currently not an Associate Member of the Association and eligible to be admitted as a member defined in Article 4.4.7 shall be eligible to be admitted as a Life Member on applying for such Membership and making a lump sum one-time payment of Rs. 5,000/- along with the entrance fee of Rs. 300/- while submitting the application for Life Membership.

Associate Member (AM- DSTA)

Any person who has attained the age of 21 years, or a farmer and is interested in the sugar industry or its allied industries or working in any Educational Institute or Research Institute and interested to become a member as per criteria in Article 4.1.1 shall be eligible become an Associate Member of the Association. An application of Membership in the prescribed form along with the prescribed entrance fee and payment of first year’s Annual subscription. In addition and undertaking to pay of Rs. 500/- per year, shall also be furnished along with application.

Student Member (SM- DSTA)

To encourage those enrolled as students in any institute / College to participate in DSTA functioning as future active members and to give an exposure to knowledge and experience connected with all facets of sugar industry, the category of student member is created.

Student Member should be post graduate student of Sugar / Agriculture / Alcohol Technology / Sugar engineering / Post Graduate student of Management / Finance. The student member shall be bonafide student of appropriate institute/university.

A one-time entrance fee of Rs. 150/- and Annual Membership Fee of Rs. 100/- (Hundred Only) for the first year along with the prescribed application form to be submitted by such student member. Student Membership fee of Rs. 100/- shall be payable per annum

The student membership shall be valid for the period of 2 years or duration of studentship, whichever is earlier and in any case not more than three years.

During the tenure of student members, they are permitted to attend Annual convention by paying 50% of the delegate fee or such amount as may be decided by the Executive Council. This Concession is only available to bonafide Students against submission of an letter issued on official letter head duly signed and stamped by the Head of the Institute/ College that they are the bonafide students of that institute and are granted permission to attend the Annual Convention

Student Members are not eligible to contest for any post in the Executive Council as well as not eligible to vote in an Election to the Executive Council