About DSTA R&D & Referral Lab

Deccan Sugar Technologist’s Association (DSTA) established in 1936 is amongst the premier Sugar & Allied Industry Association.

The day to day working of DSTA is managed by qualified and experienced Professionals who have held and/or still holding senior positions in industry and academia.

All the offices & Laboratory of DSTA are housed in Pune a six story building owned by the Association

As part of their continuing service to Sugar& Allied Industry, DSTA in 2014 has set up a state of Art R&D Lab which can concurrently serve as referral Lab, occupying the entire 5th floor of DSTA building.

In March 2014 association has started a state of the art research and development activities in laboratory, to help the sugar industries with the required instrumental facilities for analysis of various samples like sugar,molasses,general & indutrial waste water,potable water,bio-compost, soil,resins,activated carbon etc.

We take up R & D projects on boiler water treatment, waste water treatment for the benefit of value addition of sugar factories. For this purpose, laboratory has procured latest and high precision equipment as well as has appointed skilled laboratory staff. DSTA is having experienced team to analyse the samples and give best option to the sugar factories for production and improvement of quality products.

Special features of Our Laboratory

  • Factual, precise, reproducible data
  • Prompt service with competitive Charges
  • Sample analytical service with process related consultancy
  • In house expertise from each field.

DSTA Lab has established a strong and well defined quality system based on ISO/IEC 17025(2005) and ISO 9001:2015. Regular quality control and quality checks are making our system more trustworthy for our customers. Our quality system is characterized by:

  • Well planned internal audits by trained auditors.
  • Regular quality control including retained samples.
  • Ongoing method validations in testing areas to push our detection limits to the lowest and to add new methods into our scope of analysis.
  • Participation in proficiency testing programs and ILCs.
  • Well defined calibration schedule for all instruments and equipment.
  • Continuous training of technical personnel for better performance.
  • Frequent up gradation in infrastructure for expansion of scope.
  • Full time supervision of the management on testing activity.
  • Client oriented attitude to help and guide them as per their requirements.
  • Culture of honesty and transparency.
Recognitions and Accreditations
Advance Lab Equipments
Tests / Parameters Conducted at DSTA Lab