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Deccan Sugar Technologist’s Association (DSTA) is amongst oldest Premiere Industry Association in India and solely dedicated to continual improvement in efficiency and productivity encompassing all the facets of Sugar & Allied Industry.

Established in 1936 by Shri Lalchand Hirachand who in 1932 himself was pioneer in setting up integrated Sugar Complexes in India. It was his vision to have foreseen the need to have Technological needs of Independent India and took bold initiative of setting up of an Industry Association comprising of all those Technologist’s engaged in the Sugar Cane Faming , harvesting and Transport and Factory Processing and by Product Utilization. Such an Association would be platform and medium through which members would exchange ,share, and help others engaged in Sugar Cane farming as well as Sugar factory processing ,in respect of , various innovations, improvement, experience of use of new Technologies ,improvements in achiving higher yield of cane and better factory processing efficiencies. Seminars and Annual conventions were some such platforms to propagate sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Since its founding in 1936 and led by eminent persons as Presidents DTSA has successively and significantly grown over the years and currently is a synergic platform for all those directly and indirectly connected with Sugar & allied Industry in india with special focus on the states of Maharashtra,Gujarat and Karnataka.

Amongst its more than 2200 eminent Members, DSTA has former Vice Chancellors of Agriculture Universities, Persons holding Doctorate in different areas of Agriculture and persons holding Post Graduate Qualifications in in Sugar Technology and Sugar engineering. DSTA also has amongst its members Progressive farmers as well People engaged in all the facets of Management in Sugar industry.

DSTA is currently housed in a six story building owned by DSTA, and which houses all the Offices. R&D lab, Meetings rooms, and Auditorium in the same building.

Office Bearers of DSTA for Term 2022 to 2025

Sr.No Holding Office Name
1 President Shri S. B. Bhad
2 Vice-President(Maharashtra) Shri Sohan Shirgaonkar
3 Vice President ( Gujarat) Shri M. K. Patel
4 Vice President( Technical) Shri. S. D. Bokhare
5 Honorary Treasurer Shri S.D.Borude
6 Honorary Secretary Mr. M.R. kulkarni
7 Executive Secretary Mrs. Gauri Rajendra Pawar

All the Above Office Bearers can be reached on following:


Deccan Sugar Technologists Association ,
DSTA House, Shivajinagar Pune.

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