Shri. S.B .Bhad
President of DSTAI

Welcome to Deccan Sugar Technologist’s Association, The Premier Industry Association in continuous dedicated service to all the aspects of Sugar Industry for last 84 years.

It is the premier Sugar Industry focused platform for all the stake holders directly and indirectly connected for sharing and acquiring all the scientific and Technical knowledge for overall Technical and Profitable Economic Growth for an individual or an organization.

Technical and Scientific abode for more than 2200 highly qualified and experienced members of DSTA, and who have held or holding very Senior Positions in Academia, Research Institutions and Industry. Amongst its members DSTA has four former Vice Chancellors of Agriculture Universities , More than 35 doctorates in Various branches of Agriculture Science , and Chemical Process field, and More than 1400 hundred Post Graduates Technocrats specializing in Sugar Engineering, Sugar Technology, Alcohol Technology and other Co-Product and By Product disciplines.

Housed in a six story building owned by us and housing all the facilities in single building and having integrated facilities of Meeting Rooms, Auditorium,offices,large reference Technical Library, In house well equipped R&D Lab are some of the unique features that stand out as being the only Sugar Industry Specific Association in India having such integrated facilities.

The Activities of DSTA are not funded by any financial grant or assistance for any Govt agency. DSTA depends on income generated by Membership fees , Sponsorship, Advertisers, and revenue from various organization participating during Sugar Expos Exhibition during Annual Convention and /or during Seminars and workshop I earnestly urge all those Directly or indirectly connected with sugar and allied industries, to be part of this uniqueOrganization and help us by becoming sponsorers, Advertiser, an Exhibitor.

Shri. S. B. Bhad
President of DSTA

Excellent opportunity to meet and promote your Product and services in one single location congregation of buyers, Decision Makers, Consultants, and opinion makers.

Any individual, or Firm, or Company or body corporate, connected any aspect related to Sugar and Allied Industry can apply for the membership of the association.

The proceedings reach all the members of the association and have a high shelf life and hence provides a unique opportunity to advertise about your organization/product and services.